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Immediate compatibility

Near most of the profiles of Russian girls there is a set of 5 hearts. What do they mean? With some girls you have a five red hearts, and with others pink or grey hearts.The red hearts show Immediate compatibility with your girl. Of course, it does not mean that if you have best compatibility with a woman you and she will fall immediately in love. But it indicate those people with whom you can build very long and best relationship.

Online translator

Have you noticed the most marriage girls on our site speak only Russian and no English? Well, but we found the best solution. You will have an online translator on this site. Every time of you can write on your native language and translate the mails that come to you. It is a guarantee, that you can understand about what your girl tells to you and she can understand your letters. It is a best for understanding in yours possible relationship!

Rated photos

I saw many interesting girls in your photo rating, can I put my picture for Russian ladies to see? Can I write to girls from photo rating that attracted my interest? You need to register and then you can place your photo to photo rating and see the girls who give you the highest rate. You can also rate girls' pictures. From all pictures in the picture rating you can go to the profile of the person. If you put the highest rate in the photo rating then the notification about it will be sent to him. It is a good chance to see who like you.

Video and audio dialog

Do you want to see a choosed girl in a real life? Or, may be you want to show your potential bride of your real self? First, you may to send an audio or video mail to your lady. If she has a video cam, ask to send an video message to you. Soon we will purpose to make a video chat for ours Gold members!

How it works?

  • Manager carries out the manual processing of every girl indicated on the dating site and additionally studies their personal information's
  • Each week we add 70-120 new personal data of marriage Russian women and other females to our database
  • The site excludes about 70-80 scammers per week: it brings for our clients more secure relations
  • A lot of messages are transmitted to and from Rusian girls recorded on the site
  • Every day there are approximately 250-350 messages delivered
  • Each day there are nearly 4 video letters sent
  • A great number of ice-breakers are transmitted per day
  • The most common sign that sends to and from girls is the wink: it can be made more than 700 times per week
  • Every 7 months about 450-550 our clients arrive to Russia to meet their girl
  • When the woman met her future husband she cancels her profile on the dating site. This circumstance is very happy as we realize we've done our business with success
  • Almost every week we receive messages of thanks from our clients who have met their partners through our Russian wedding agency

The whole report about harmony between genders

All the people wish to find a partner for entire our life, to respect, to adore, to care for a spouse, to be adored in return and to trust that person totally. In what way they may be sure not to make a mistake? Via what way to see a soul mate with whom you will be comfortable, with which it would be a great happiness to live together, to enjoy in pair, to breath in pair. Via what way to create the relation so in that way people will be great for both of the partners? The main issue is that when we get acquainted in the network people hold too little information about a person that we talk with. A man meets a girl, the man wants to weathergirl, they hold several good hours together and after the boy must return back. He holds a option to wait for other period of time and meet once again, but it is again a few days or to create a for the bride and bring hers to his country. Look through our in-depth whole compatibility report. The girl can look in the future and create personal future coming as you enjoy it.

Antiscam police

Anti-scam police makes protection for our International Dating Site and makes it more popular. Our clients understand that they can gain sincere and lasting communication on our dating site. As well we provide scammers lists where all unwarranted scammers are indicated. Furthermore our clients can sign on scammers information by themselves and all this can be made online.

Beware of scammers! Although we take every step to ensure validity of every girl on this site, some girls might have indecent intentions. Do NOT send money to girls. On any dating site some women may try to extract money from men. Stay alert and use common sense - and you will not be scammed. If you receive any suspicious requests - please report them to Support, so that we could investigate and take scammers offline.

Girls Online Now:

Kathrina, 25 y.o.
Liza, 29 y.o.
Наталья, 32 y.o.
Ксения, 19 y.o.
Ксения, 27 y.o.
Алевтина, 39 y.o.
Natalya, 36 y.o.

The types of marriage Russian girls

Ordinary trustworthy

That sort of marraige girls is actually up to to the whole world, place theirs regular pictures, and fill in a lot about themselves in the information boxes. Actually that girls are searching for a true marriage, and pretend to be a good spouses and moms. Brides are very funny, and faithful to theirs husbands. Existence is very good for that kind of a girls. The only matter that can be a disaster for their guys is that gilrs always feel a strong need of communication, because at the time women are abroad marriage women miss theirs family very much.

Gorgeous and ambitions

That type of girls is usually very aware about the way brides appear; brides use a bunch of hours shopping, trying to be much better than ladies at the moment do. Rusian women receive a list of pleasure while being photographed, and girls should maintain themselves as gorgeous the whole time. These ladies are concerned with theirs appearance than with some relatives values or necessities. But the reality is that marriage girls actually create a good impression on anyone, and by this here are a lot of cases than marriage girls aid their husbands in work. The good side is that girls are very preventive, so if women feel that business with some of theirs pals would not accomplish, girls will easily change the partner.

Best housekeepers

That sort of marriage woman is actually are mainly very shied, it is a good job for them to make some pictures. Girls are good housewives, very supportive, tender, and it seems that all girls are supposing about in this life is their relatives. The best thing is that women would not ever dump their husbands, even if husbands may have some difficult period, in business or family. But the bad issue is that usually that is very difficult for them to move into another state, ladies are all the time upset for the reason that girls are away from their families and pals.

Art and creation

Such girls like to make photos against a background with flowers or landscapes. And such lady look extraordinary and are trying to be distinguished and to attract somebody's attention. Girls pictures are often performed up due to the id of laptop graphic. Girls don't look at the biggest part of the ususal fields, and in the "long answers" brides write some romantic or art phrase. Such marriage girls search for attention and appreciation. Women approach some matters in a artistic and non-typical turn, including relatives and their private look building. To the positive qualities of these marriage girls people may refer elasticity of spirit and big ability to live with the fresh existence conditions. Moreover girls aim to receive an approval and this is the reason why girls suppose constantly about how to make to be amazed and appreciated by their theirs spouse. To the negative aspects people may say this very usual need for attention. Women like to show their beauty, dalliance with another men, and if their reaction is not strange to people, it will be not easy for you to live with such a lady.

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How to find love in Russia

  1. Make an effort to fill your profile more interesting: well-done photos, polite words, complete depiction of your values. Make everything according to the regulations on the dating sites.
  2. Be active - show yourself as a confident and powerful man as you definitely are. Write letters. The desirable number is 40-50. It will allow you to see who you are comfortable with, who will be affected by you. Read about your first message to Russian woman here.
  3. There are no restrictions on dating sites. You can talk with so many young girls as you wish. If one woman doesn't reply to your letter or is not interested in you, don't be disappointed, there are a great number of other girls who match to your requirements, you will surely be compatible with some of them.
  4. Do not execute the correspondence by message long. Unwed Russian girls mainly do not like it. They are nervous that it will lead to nothing and an Internet love will never develop into a true one, but they are truly minded and desire to have a man, not a pen-friend. Ask for a phone number and make a call to her.
  5. Try to ask your future bride as many questions as you wish about all details of her life. Does she have children? What is her profession? Ask such main question as her attitude towards family values?
  6. If you actually like her after telephone conversation and messages, if you look for the day to make a call - do not waste valuable minutes, do not make the time ruin something that began to grow between you - Visit to Russia and meet her by yourself. Stay in the apartment, not in her house, let feelings increase. If you see that you both want it, you can shift to her place from hotel with time.
  7. Make an effort to arrange the next meeting as soon as possible or make agreement to marry her.

Men's questions about marriage girls

For many of guys the biggest issue is material one. Males do not want to spent some cash on a dating sites, because they suppose it is a waist of time and cash. If these works could be free of charge boys would promptly join those websites.

It were a lot of sites with women whom were selling their addresses to anyone who wanted. That's why at least 10-20% of unwed Russian brides were erasing theirs register approximately in a week. Giving Russian girl's address is not a good idea as well, because marriage girls don't reply on messages frequently. Russian brides find a partner for them in some weeks and continue communicating only with man.

As a rule not each girl which is registering wishes to be a fiance, nearly 10-15% are not interested at all, and they check theirs emails in a month. The main problem is that the fellow never know if the lady is very is at least interested or not really. Another problem is non-existing women. But as a rule if someone looks doubting it is checked by the Rusian marriage agency and put in the scammers catalogue.

About 5% of unwed woman on our dating site delete their personal emails on the website every month and after this ladies receive letter about letters in their inbox on the website in the fresh email, but in what way can that be executed on these sites with giving addresses? Email messages from boys return, the marriage Russian women do not answer or reply in a few weeks at the time when a guy had stop thinking about them.

Usually males pay for the using of the equipment. That it is done a great job yearly, by looking for girls, and looking being sure for the equipment to perform good. System looks on complaints and deletes all the scammers. But fellows consider in a list of the times that fellows pay for the communication, that is not true.

A bunch of issues are required in order to make these sites work well. For instance there are some strong servers in different states which give a better connection, and the better access to the site. A plenty of programmers are dealing each day very hard in order to be able to make better the running of those sites. It Isn't a piece of flower and profitable at all, the main reason why is each thing available with money.