Do You Want Either Capricious Or Intelligent Russian Bride?

Have you ever think about dating with Russian girl who can become your wife then? Read this story and it will clue of Russian brides' women originality.

It happened when I was interested in possibility to "classify" the Russian women and I have asked my Russian colleague about it. She asked me why it is necessary for me and I answered that I want to help men who are choosing a single Russian bride. Then she proposed to carry out a survey at a Russian female forum. I agreed with it hastily.

Oh, what things started there, you can not even fancy! Well, now I'd like to tell you the most interesting thing. Surely I will miss the specific Russian slang as because of that I have got on my nose behind my back. First of all they called me a chauvinist who "sorts Russian women through baskets in a supermarket". Other lady proposed me to get an enlightenment before writing things in which I do not understand. Nevertheless let's try to find something really important among these sentiments.

The most eccentric advice was pointed to the idea to assume an obscene epithet to every sign of zodiac. Then it was proposed to extend each of them till small behavioral description of the Russian female. When I read examples I was very confused... Next typical advice was sort out females in accordance with external signs, then education and at last - by social status. As a result (to lady's opinion) I will have a stupid article that I usually write. :) I can say furthermore - you will be able to read it! ))

But not for long I want to show the most advanced advice that sounded at that forum. It is as follows. It is necessary to take a standard classification of psychological character types, to analyze it, and to dream of a theme, how each type of woman exactly of Russian nationality will prove.

Well, now I want to make some conclusions. Single Russian girls are attractive, beautiful, delightful and mainly - clever. This is not necessarily intellect; it can be wisdom and adaptation ability. But even if you do not search an entirely clever bride then certainly you will be interested in other things of Russian women. Do you want to make sure? Here is one small exact phrase from that forum. It was expressed by a lady, but it was quotation from a man: "They can distinguish Russian women from other ones but in what things - it is impossible to portray by any words. This is in air..."

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