Some Interesting Tips About Russian Women

Russian Girls and Breeding
There were times when education on the territory of FSU was unpaid and available for lots of people. In contradiction with present situation when dominates independent business. For Russian young woman of that time it was very determining to have high study and they had received it.

Russian ladies and work
You can notice that every young woman on our online catalogue has a job. You can give a question: is it good or unsafely occupation? Troublesome to say as you understand that one and the same profession in Russia and in European cities is paid differently. For example, a perfect doctor who is employed in Russia has a little wage; he simply keeps body and spirit together. In this moment European doctor who is earning a living for instance in USA is very rich man and has a good wage. His wife and children is well provided for beautiful life and safe future. So, if you make your mind to have wedding with Slavonic lady, do not give special notice to her work position, take into account her personal features, temperament and some certain traits.

Working woman or householder
As for economical position in today’s FSU lots of girls are obliged to work. In number of situations the prime wage-earner in a family is woman. But they (ladies) work to earn wage in most cases but are not centered on career.

Do Russian women like to consume money?
Russian young ladies are very provident concerning money. When visiting shops Slavonic young women usually buy only those items that are really necessary in the household, or what they actually require. They do not use up money on useless goods because they understand how difficult this money is earned. Possibly at the first meeting a foreign man can consider that his Russian woman is throwing away too much money, she will desire to visit a nice restaurant, to get a brilliant present (all young ladies like small surprises), to go to a night disco-bar, etc. All these things cost money, but it's just the first feeling. Russian ladies usually think if a man does not desire to be cautious in little things he could not be careful of her in the married life.

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